Top 10 Must-Play Indie Games Of The Year


Indie games have become a powerhouse within the gaming industry, offering innovative experiences, unique narratives, and creative gameplay that often rival or surpass their AAA counterparts. As the gaming landscape continues to evolve, indie developers consistently deliver memorable and impactful titles. In this article, we explore the top 10 must-play indie games of the year that have captured the hearts and attention of players around the world.

  1. Hollow Knight: Silksong (Team Cherry):

A highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed “Hollow Knight,” “Hollow Knight: Silksong” continues the atmospheric and challenging exploration of a beautifully crafted world. Players take on the role of Hornet, navigating new environments, battling diverse enemies, and uncovering the mysteries of the hauntingly atmospheric kingdom. With its captivating art style and intricate level design, Silksong promises to be a standout indie title.

  1. Kena: Bridge of Spirits (Ember Lab):

“Kena: Bridge of Spirits” combines stunning visuals, an emotionally resonant narrative, and innovative gameplay mechanics. As Kena, players embark on a journey to guide spirits to the afterlife, encountering puzzles, battles, and a lush, magical world. The game’s enchanting aesthetic and dynamic gameplay make it a standout title in the indie gaming scene.

  1. Loop Hero (Four Quarters, Devolver Digital):

“Loop Hero” introduces a unique blend of roguelike and strategy elements, challenging players to create a world by placing tiles on a looping path. As the hero automatically traverses the loop, players must strategically place tiles to confront enemies, gather resources, and uncover the mysteries of the unfolding narrative. With its pixel art style and addictive gameplay loop, this indie gem has captivated players worldwide.

  1. Solar Ash (Heart Machine, Annapurna Interactive):

From the creators of the critically acclaimed “Hyper Light Drifter,” “Solar Ash” offers a visually stunning and fluid action-adventure experience. Players navigate a surreal, otherworldly landscape, engaging in fast-paced traversal and intense boss battles. The game’s ethereal art style, coupled with its evocative soundtrack, creates an immersive and memorable indie gaming experience.

  1. Death’s Door (Acid Nerve, Devolver Digital):

“Death’s Door” combines action, exploration, and a charmingly dark narrative as players take on the role of a crow reaper tasked with retrieving stolen souls. The game features tight combat, intricate level design, and a captivating world filled with quirky characters. Its engaging gameplay and stylized visuals make it a standout indie title in 2022.

  1. Eastward (Pixpil, Chucklefish):

“Eastward” is an atmospheric action-adventure game that combines pixel art aesthetics with a heartfelt narrative. Players guide two characters, John and Sam, through a post-apocalyptic world, solving puzzles and battling enemies. With its captivating story, charming characters, and nostalgic visuals, “Eastward” has garnered praise for its unique blend of gameplay and emotional storytelling.

  1. The Artful Escape (Beethoven & Dinosaur, Annapurna Interactive):

“The Artful Escape” offers a psychedelic and musical journey through a fantastical world. Players assume the role of a young musician, navigating surreal landscapes and engaging in rhythm-based platforming. The game’s emphasis on creative expression, coupled with its vibrant visuals and a stellar soundtrack, creates an immersive and memorable indie experience.

  1. Sable (Shedworks, Raw Fury):

“Sable” invites players into a mesmerizing open-world exploration experience. Set in a vast desert, the game follows the coming-of-age journey of the titular character, Sable. With its minimalist art style inspired by graphic novels, “Sable” delivers a contemplative and visually striking indie game that encourages players to embark on a personal and introspective adventure.

  1. Unpacking (Witch Beam):

“Unpacking” offers a unique and meditative gameplay experience centered around the simple act of unpacking belongings. Players arrange items in various living spaces, gradually uncovering the life story of the protagonist. With its minimalist design and emphasis on narrative through environmental storytelling, “Unpacking” stands out as a thought-provoking indie title.

  1. Lake (Gamious):

Set in the tranquil 1980s town of Providence Oaks, “Lake” follows the story of Meredith Weiss, a software developer taking a break from her city life to deliver mail. The game offers a relaxing and narrative-driven experience, allowing players to explore the town, interact with residents, and make meaningful decisions. “Lake” stands out for its unique premise, character-driven storytelling, and serene atmosphere.


The indie gaming scene continues to flourish, with developers pushing creative boundaries and delivering unforgettable experiences. The top 10 must-play indie games of the year showcase the diversity and innovation within the indie gaming landscape, offering players a wealth of options to explore captivating narratives, inventive gameplay mechanics, and visually striking worlds. As indie games continue to leave a lasting impact on the gaming industry, these titles exemplify the artistry and creativity that define the essence of independent game development.

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